City hall is NOT 911

Has anyone else been noticing that callers have been infinitely dumber this week or is it just my area that’s some how affected?

In the last hour I have gotten SIX calls that all went roughly the same

Me: City of hell, city hall. how can I help you?

Caller: Uh..yeah, hi. I think there’s a bush fire in behind Rapture off Atlas Rd. There’s a lot of black smoke coming from over there.

Me: Ok, you need to call 911

Caller: Are you sure? It’s not that close…

Me: Yes I’m sure. If there’s a fire, the fire department needs to attend. They get notified by calling 911.

Caller: Oh. Really?

Me: Bush fires move very quickly in windy/dry conditions like what we’ve had for the last few weeks. You NEED to hang up and call 911.

Caller: Ok…

It’s like they think I’m insane for telling them to call emergency services to report an emergency.

I think I’m having a bottle of wine for dinner.

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