"Is it THAT difficult of a question?"

For context: I work in a tax software support company. Since it is the off season right now, it’s pretty chill as we are each taking roughly only 10 calls a day. ME= me, DC= douchecanoe. This happened yesterday.

ME: Thank you for calling name of company, my name is name, may I have your EFIN please (basically a tax filer number so we can look them up in our system)?

DC: How long have you been working for company for?

ME: A while, not too sure actually. (We were trained not to tell them how long exactly but to skirt around the question.)

DC: Is is THAT difficult of a question?

ME: No sir, I just don’t feel the need to give you that information. (We don’t have to) but I’ve been here about a year (9 months with a tax season under my belt)

DC: Well I’m not going to ask you anymore questions then. Good bye. click.

My blood is boiling. New people won’t ever get experience and will continue being new people if you don’t give them a chance to try to help you.

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