Angry Turkeys

You all seemed to like my story about the trash can covered in squirrel blood, so here’s another one from my time working for a trash hauler. This wasn’t me, I overheard it though.

Caller: The driver didn’t pick up my garbage again.

Agent: Oh, no! I’m sorry about that. I’ll be happy to check in the notes and see what’s going on.

(She checks her account, and there’s a note on her account that the driver relayed to operations that says “CAN’T ACCESS TRASH CAN, BLOCKED BY ANGRY WILD TURKEYS”.)

Agent: Um, it appears the driver was unable to get to your trash can because there were angry wild turkeys blocking the way.

Caller: They’re not angry! They’re perfectly friendly! They’re my pets.

Agent: I’m sorry, is there anyway to keep them out of the way so the driver could get to the trash can?


(She kept calling back, demanding we send the driver out again to get her trash, screaming that the turkeys are harmless.)

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