“But why aren’t you going to help me right now?!”

Today I’ve got a short story on something that actually just happened to me.

User calls in regarding an update that was deployed incorrectly, someone had attempted to fix it yesterday but had not done the proper steps, so it reverted back to the original issue today.

Me: “Customer support this is x.”

User: “Hi I’m getting the invalid date message, it was supposed to be fixed yesterday but it’s happening again today.”

Me: “Sure, I can fix that right now for you. I’ll just need to remote in, would you like me to give you the web address or send you an invite via email?”

User: “Well I’d like you to fix it right now for me, so why won’t you?!”

Me: “…….Sir I’m going to fix it right now for you but I have to remote in first, like they did yesterday…..”

User: “Oh, you are going to fix it now?! Thank you so much!”

I got myself remoted in, fixed the issue, and was back in my own PC within about 3 minutes.

Nice enough guy, he was super appreciative of it, but some people don’t listen to more than the first three words of your sentence, I guess.

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