A short list of things I will NOT do if your credit check with us says you cant finance a cell phone/must get prepaid/are confirmed fraud

  1. Get you a supervisor because you dont think your credit score is fair. No. Nobody can help you but yourself. Just finish whining and hang up.

  2. Call “someone” that can fix it. Look, you’re gonna have to call Jesus on your own time

  3. Explain what a credit score is in detail. If you don’t know who Equifax is, I’m really not surprised you don’t qualify. (Just hang up on me please omg)

  4. Explain WHY a credit score is important. You’re 46… how have you even gotten this far in life….

  5. Sympathize when you say XYZ carrier let you get a phone. (Yeah, because they’re a prepaid company and you bought a cheap android phone that you hate. This is why we are talking right now, remember?

  6. Let you just rudely hang up on me when I tell you the results of your credit application and you dont like the answer. (If a phone number shows on my caller ID, I am calling you back and leaving a voicemail with our contact number and a quick comment about getting disconnected that I hope makes you feel slightly guilty)

  7. “Re-run” the application. Seriously? You want me to do another credit check with the same exact info like we are going to get a different result? THIS IS WHY YOU CANT HAVE NICE THINGS

  8. Waive your outstanding balance of $862 from 3 years ago because you switched carriers, never paid your final bill, now have terrible service but we cost too much so it’s not your fault

  9. Activate your prepaid phone for free because you just got out of jail/really need to call your cousin/didn’t know you had to pay in advance/ etc etc

  10. Transfer you to XYZ carrier to activate your service with them because you called the wrong number, got to the wrong carrier, then decided to cuss me out because I apparently wasted your time. You’re the one who sat on hold listening to ads about the company they weren’t trying to call in the first place (PS – you weren’t on hold for 30 mins. It was like 5. I can see our longest call waiting, buddy)

  11. Call our fraud department who flagged your application and tell them to let you get service even though you have no ID or proof of address to send them as they have requested. (And no, you still can’t have a supervisor.)

  12. Run another credit check for you using your infant’s information. (You read that right. Her daughter was 3 years old.)

This list is brought to you by my personal experiences with cx in June. That’s all for now, friends. Enjoy your Saturday.

Edit: Cant figure out how to space on mobile apparently. Sorry for the wall of text.

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