Woman demanding 20 pounds

Ok, I used to work for an outsourcing company for a client based in the UK. (Client is a retail store that you purchase items either in shop using a catalogue or else online.)

Well, one day I’m just answering calls and dealing with customers as usual when I get this woman calling through. I’ll just call her L (lady) and refer to myself as M (me).

M: Hi, thanks for calling Shmargos, you’re through to M, how can we assist you today?

L: Hi there, I was wondering how I go about getting 20 pounds back for an item that has changed in price since I purchased it.

Now this isn’t a strange occurrence as if a price goes down on an item within 30 days, we give the customer the price difference as a refund. I get her order number off her and put it into the system and see she bought a Trampoline for £110. I then open up our company website and see that it’s now went up in price to £130 pounds. I’m sure you call all see her misunderstanding here.

M: Could you please give me a little bit more information as to why we owe you £20 as I can’t seem to see anything here in the notes.

L: Well I purchased it for 2 weeks ago for £110 and now it’s up at £130. That’s a 20 pound difference so I believe you owe me that amount.

M: I’m sorry but this wouldn’t be the case as you actually got it cheaper than the current retail value. We only issue that sort of refund on the difference if it was cheaper than when you bought it and was brought to our attention within 30 days.

L: This is absolutely unacceptable, I can’t believe you would withhold money that I am rightfully owed. I DEMAND TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER! (Mental how fast customers want to escalate shit as soon as it doesn’t go their way)

M: Again, I’m sorry but there is no way I’m putting a manager on regarding this as there is nothing that can be done regarding this refund.

L: Are you refusing to put a manager on for me? I know my rights and I have a right to demand a manager. (There is genuinely nothing that states customers can’t be refused a manager. Company also has no policy regarding this unless there’s nothing we can do in regards to like a missing item or fraud)

M: Yes, I am not willing to put a manager on to take over this call as there is no problem here. We have no policy in place where we give customers money if the price goes up. I apologise if you misunderstood what our policy was on price changes but it’s just something we can’t do.

L: Well this won’t be the end of this. I’m going to call trading standards and go down to citizens advice. Then you’ll be sorry. Thanks for nothing. Hangs up

In hindsight she was quite polite compared to some mental folk I got but that one stands out the most because I just found it mental that she never understood why she wouldn’t be getting any money.

I was gone from there like 2 month after that anyway as the client cut the amount of agents it needed in half but I really hope that woman tried to escalate the situation and got laughed at.

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