I hate the World Cup

Not because I don’t like soccer. I honestly don’t care about it. What I hate is the people going to the World Cup.

I, along with 14 other people, were chosen to handle World Cup calls (not going to provide anymore info than that lol). 90% of the calls have been horrible mean people.

For example, I had a person call me a liar, that I don’t care, I’m a horrible person, and I’m stupid…among other things because the only solution I could give him is that someone will reach out within 24 hours. I had to hang up on him because he was being so abusive.

Oh, and guess what? He called back and guess who received the call? I advised him the solution was the same, and would be no matter how many times he called in.

Like, I understand that you’re upset, but taking it out on me is not acceptable. Day 4 out of a month…wish me luck =/

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