Who the **** is this??

This has been so far my most embarrassing experience during a call. So something came up that day and I was pretty pissed off at everything and I just glared at anyone who tried to approach me so I wasn’t able to talk about it and let my anger out before the shift. I was just in a really bad mood. First call came in and I was still not feeling better, I absentmindedly blurted out ‘Thanks for calling ****, this is *. Who the *** is this?’ The first couple of seconds after that I wasn’t fully aware of it…. until the caller, who was shocked by my opening spiel, got really upset and started asking for a manager. I was speechless when I realized what I just said so I just carelessly hit the panic button and hung up on the caller. Fortunately, nobody was able to review that call. Nope. Never told anyone about it until now.

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