Are you competent?!

Normal day as a temp at a cable company call center (who also does internet, phone, and security at outrageously high prices.). Yep. That one. You guessed it. Let’s just call it Castcom for now.

Me will be me. C will be the middle-aged blonde suburban mom whose s*** don’t stink.

Me: “Thank you for calling Castcom. My name is 678. How can I help you.”


Me: “…..I’m sorry?”

C: “I’ve spoke to 3 different people already and all of them are dumb. I need to know. Are. You. Competent?!”

Me (a smartass): “No, ma’am. This is Castcom.”

C: “UGHHH. I know that. But ARE YOU COMPETENT? NONE of your coworkers are.”

Me: “I’d like to think so. What’s the issue?”

C: explains issue that is definitely her fault. And I need to speak to a supervisor.

(Now our policy is to raise our hand until a sup can come plug into a call. We’re not allowed to have a customer on hold during this time. After waiting for almost 10 minutes and giving her the option for me to fix it or to hang up, the following conversation happens.)

Me: “I have an irate customer here who refuses to talk to anyone but a supervisor. I’ve explained everything. She won’t budge. She really just needs to hear a different voice tell her the same thing.”

Sup: “no. I won’t take those calls. You need to handle it alone.”

Me: proceeds to bang head against computer as the customer just states she’s staying on the line til she talks to a supervisor.

I’m so glad I was a temp. Guess I wasn’t competent.

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Who the **** is this??

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