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So at my previous job, we offered the usual things service providers do (land phone lines, mobile services, internet access and an IPTV thingy), but we also have an option for supplying electricity, which kinda works out cheaper if you don’t use much. This was a call related to the user’s electricity bill. I just wanna clear one thing up, since electricity billing may be done differently elsewhere. Over here, an official comes and reads your meter, then makes an approximation of your monthly usage. This happens once every 6 months. This also means that after that’s done, your electricity bill remains the same for the next 6 months, you could use twice as much, or not use any at all, you still need to pay the approximated amount. At each reading, the difference is noted, and if the user used more than was approximated, they pay the difference, and if it’s less, we reduce their next electricity bills in equal amount. Now, this woman had her meter read 2 months before my call.

M-me U-user

M: Hello this is (name), calling about a complaint we have recieved about an electricity bill, is this Mrs. (surname)?

U: Yes.

M: (the call may be recorded note)

U: That’s fine.

M: So can you please explain what exactly is the problem?

U: You charge me way too much, there’s no way i used that much electricity.

M: I understand, however the system of payment is set, and since the approximation of your usage is 400 HRK (around 64 USD), that is the amount that will be billed every month, regardless of the amount of electricity used. The difference will be calculated at the next reading, and if it turns out you have been overcharged, we will reduce your following bills.

U: But the approximation is wrong!

M: I’m sorry, but we cannot change the approximation. You can either wait until the next reading or call in an extra reading, but i have to warn you that you will be billed for that.

U: Sir, how could someone approximate that i use 400 HRK worth of electricity, when i used to pay 300 HRK (48 USD) when there 6 people in the house?

M: The readings and approximations are done by our partner, and we do not have access to the method they use for approximating your usage. I’m sorry but i can’t help you regarding your approximated usage beyond recommending to wait or call in an extra reading.

U: You people are insane! When my whole family was at home, there were 6 people in the house, and we paid 300 HRK monthly! Now it’ just me and my daughter, and i work in (other country), so i was only home for 2 weeks this month! You are telling me that my daughter alone spent 200HRK of electricity? She wouldn’t use that much electricity if she owned a vibrator that plugs into the mains!

M: mutes headset proceeds to laugh balls off

U: Are you there? Answer my question!

M: unmute I’m sorry, but i really can’t help you further. If you really believe that an extra reading would help you, i can call in one for you, but the cost is 50 HRK (8 USD).

U: mumbles something Yeah go ahead, do that.

M: Done, thank you for your time and i hope this removes the cause to your dissatisfaction.

U: Thank you. hangs up

After that call, i giggled the rest of the day…

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