My favourite day

This isn’t between myself and a customer, but between myself and a friend I had while I worked there. He and I would always fuck with each other. Throwing stuff and sneaking up behind the other and yanking out headphones, basic and juvenile stuff.

One day, I throw a paper ball at him while he’s on a call. Nothing out of the ordinary, really

I immediately hear him swear and give me a look of “I want to kill you, and I’m fucked” all at once.

He finishes his call, walks over to me “The customer heard me and demanded a transfer to a manager. Our QC person was listening in on the call. She heard me. I’m going to get fired.”

Shit. I just caused my closest friend there to lose their job. FUCK.

I walk over to the management desk, explain the situation, leaving out the fact that he fucks with me too, and ask for any discipline actions be given to me instead of him.

I walk of shame back to my work station and he has heard every word. He looks at me with the kindest and gentlest eyes I’ve ever seen. “I hit the mute button before I swore. They didn’t hear me, but thanks dude”

MOTHERFUCKER got me again. Well played, big guy… I hope you read this, fucker.

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