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Please excuse formatting, I’m on my mobile. And this is an alternate profile, as my main is a little easy to identify me.

So quick story that just happened. Like 2 minutes ago just happened. I work in a medical call center and if someone other than the patient answers the phone when we call out, we have to verify the identity of the person we’re speaking to, to make sure it’s ok to talk to them. I called out to a patient to schedule an appointment. ME will be me (so creative I know) and PW will be Patient’s Wife

ME: just for security purposes, can you verify the patient’s date of birth?


ME: thank you so much. And what is your name please?

PW: I’m his wife. Of 31 years.

ME: …… great! And what is your name please?


Is it just me, or is that weird? Like I get being married and being a partner and whatever. But if someone asked for my husbands name, my response wouldn’t be how long we’ve been married!

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