"They Told Me On The Phone He Don’t Need No Driver’s License"

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I work for a large member-based travel agency as a Supervisor in the department taking calls for Rental Car reservations as well as Hotel reservations. We get people discounted rates for these companies but neither service is actually owned/operated by our company. I’ve been working in customer service for a year and hot damn I already resonate with so many stories from this sub.


I’ll be Me and she’ll be Completely Confused (CC).

Me: You’ve reached bjlmag, a SUP in the Car department, can I have your name & member info please?

Several minutes of blind ranting pass before she finally gives her information

CC: I just picked up my car and it was terrible; they didn’t even ask if my husband would drive!! I can’t drive for 10 hours all by myself; he gonna drive whether they like it or not!

Me: I’m sorry to hear that, are you still close to the location? If you can go back, they can add him onto the contract. If he isn’t added to the contract, though, he cannot drive the vehicle.

CC: He’s not here!

Me: Was he with you when you arrived to pick up the car?


Me: Did you tell them that you wanted to add another driver?

CC: NO! They should know! You need to do it now;I won’t go back there. They wasted my time and the manager is just a bitch!

slams head into desk

Me: Unfortunately maam I don’t work for the rental company so I cannot make such changes on my end. Furthermore, he will need to be present to sign the contract and provide his driver’s license, which can’t be done on the phone. If you aren’t close to where you rented the car I could try finding another nearby location for you?

CC: NO, you’re WRONG! They told me on the phone he don’t need no driver’s license!

Me: I’m sorry maam but that isn’t correct, I apologize if you were misinformed but a driver’s license is required to drive a rental car.

CC: You’re just no help! They told me he don’t need no license! You just need his name and birthday, are you going to help me or not?

Me: I’m sorry maam, but he will need to provide a driver’s license and sign a contract in order to drive the vehicle.


Me: Maam, this is a matter of law. If somebody told you that a driver’s license isn’t required to drive a motor vehicle, they were not correct. I’d be happy to help you find a location where you can add your husband to your contract, but he will need to provide his driver’s license before signing the contract.

CC: Get me a supervisor NOW!

Me: I am a supervisor, maam.

CC mutters profanity and hangs up

I wish I could say it’s rare that people think they can drive rental cars without a license but we have to explain this pretty regularly. I’ve got plenty more outrageous stories; the travel industry is rowdy.

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