Non customer calls in and says she will blast me and my company for not doing what she wants.

I work for a rather large home security company – call center, and today I had an interesting interaction with a caller who never had our service.

Me: Thank you for calling COMPANY, my name is ….., may I please have your first and last name.

Caller: Yes, hello my name is ……., and I live at ……

M: Thank you for that information. How may I assist you today?

C: Well I’ve never paid for your service, but the previous couple who lived here did. They moved out of the apartment, and left all these ugly white boxes on the windows and doors. I need you to send someone to come remove them now. I’m tired of looking at them.

M: I see. I’d be happy to walk you through removing the devices, but I wouldn’t be able to send a technician to dismantle the system on an out of service account.

C: What? You think I’m going to do it?

M: I apologize for the inconvenience ma’am, but we can walk you through the steps. Or maybe if you have someone that can help you we can walk them through it. It should only take a few minutes of your time.

C: (yelling at this point) Dont you apologize to me! You’re not sorry and you’re not the one who has to look at these ugly boxes the lazy (insert multiple expletives here) left here when they moved. You’re going to send someone out by tomorrow to have this down.

M: Maam, I understand your frustration, but again, I’m unable to send someone out. We are always here to help if you would like us to walk you through it. Or maybe you can reach out to your apartment manager since they allowed the system to be installed.

C: What’s your name again?

M: My name is ….

C: Good I am holding you personally responsible, and tonight I am going to blast you and your company. Everyone will know what you’re doing to me. Your name will be everywhere.

M: Okay, did you have any other questions or concerns?



I didn’t even get to thank her for calling, but I had to laugh at the end of that call. Keep in mind, the boxes she was talking about are very small and are all wireless. Nothing is nailed/screwed in.

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