The strange call from a 7ft tall man

Hey guys, so basically I work in a call centre for a cruise company. Now out of all the types of companies you could work on the phones for I guess a cruise company isn’t too bad?

There will always be this one call I won’t forget. I was fairly new at the time and my manager had only just started as well. I’ll be me, the caller will be 7ft man and my manager is M.

Me: Intro

7ft man: Put me onto your manager right now!

Me: Right okay, may I ask your name Sir or have you currently got a booking with us?

7ft man: Are you incredibly stupid or just deaf? I want to speak to a manger like I just said!

Me: Okay… let me check who is free. puts on hold I grab my new manager who comes on the phone straight away.

M: You’re speaking with M, how can I help?

7ft man: You’re not a line manager, I know the names of all the managers there!

M: I have recently just started Sir… what is the issue?

After some time of this guy arguing with my manager accusing him of lying about his job title he finally discloses why he was escalating the call.

7ft man: I spoke to someone in your call centre today and asked for the height of the cabin from floor to ceiling. They told me there was no information about that! I’m 7ft 4 and I need to know if I will fit in the cabin!

M: Okay Sir, apologies etc… we update our information as best as possible however that is not something we have ever had an issue with.

My manager carry’s on and explains we’re happy to email the ship and see if it’s possible to get an estimate measurement. The man simply grunts and hangs up the phone! (WTF)

Later on, I was telling one of my supervisors about it and he enquiries with HR, who actually told us this same man on the same number had phoned up to get the names of all the managers in the contact centre!

We then took the number and put it one of those ‘who’s calling’ websites out of curiosity and this same man on the same number had phoned several other companies each with completely different bizarre complaints.

Some people have too much spare time!

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