Customer gets indignant after getting a recall notice meant for a previous resident at her address.

I work at a call center in the recall department of an auto manufacturer. We have a team of people, called field canvassing agents, who go door to door informing people of life-threatening safety recalls on their vehicles. They do this because a lot of our customers underestimate the urgency of the recall and take their time addressing it. As of now we’ve had numerous injuries and several fatalities in our vehicles, so our canvassing team has to be proactive in tracking down the owners and making sure they get to a dealership.

I just got a call a few minutes ago from a woman stating that a canvassing agent had been leaving recall notices on her property, which she had recently moved into. She said the notices were addressed to a man who used to live at her address, and that the agent had also approached a guest the caller had over to ask if they were the owner of the vehicle.

I apologized and explained the situation to the caller. Throughout the call, she maintained a friendly, professional demeanor with a passive-aggressive undercurrent; she kept pointing out how odd it was that one of our agents would approach a guest of hers, even after I’d already told her what was going on.

I told her I’d get her over to someone who could update the information on file and ensure that she did not receive anymore notices. She declined and, speaking just as politely as she had been, said it wasn’t her responsibility to make sure the information was up to date. Then she asked me to document her complaint against the agent for accosting her guest and said she’d report the agent for trespassing if it happened again, saying solicitation would not be tolerated. I said “Well, it’s not really solicitation,” and tried to reiterate that the agent was literally trying to prevent someone’s violent death, but she cut me off with “Yes it is.” She told me again to document the complaint and hung up on me mid-sentence while I was responding.

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