Oh yeahhh guy

Says greeting

Me: How may I help you today?

Guy: hey I can’t login and I don’t get a texted code to login with.

Me: Alright I’m sorry to hear that but I’d be happy to help. Just to make sure, what phone and email should we have listed for you?

G: 123553234 and

Me: Thank you, now I would just have to send you a code again either by text or email, which do you prefer?

G: uhh I don’t care I guess text.

Me: I then have to read him a disclaimer for sending the text.

G: OH YEAHH send the text!

Me: ..ok I just sent it

G: Oh yeahhhh! Text away text away!

A minute goes by and he still hasn’t received it.

Me: I apologize if you still haven’t received the text I can try sending the code by email if I have your permission to email you?

G: OH YEAAAAH YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION! Email away email away!

I’m trying to hold in my giggling at this point because I just wasn’t expecting him to be this enthusiastic.

G: oh yeeeeeah I got the email! The code is 11111111

Me: thank you, your user id is ohyeah and I just emailed your password. Is there anything else I can help with?

G: no this is great thanks!

Me: You’re welcome and thanks for calling company name.

G: oh yeaaaaah bye!

He was a pleasant guy to speak with.

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