"i dont want you to break data protection, i just want you to disclose information i dont have the authority to access"

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I work in a call centre that sets up 5day insurance for people who have bought new cars. Occasionally dealers will call us to confirm details or to confirm that we have set the cover up which we are happy to disclose, providing the customer has authorised them to deal. In order for us to check the dealer is authorised we would check the comments and there has to be a specific person’s name in comments for them to have authority.

I take a call from a dealer who wants to check that we have finally spelt the customer’s name right and to check the customer is insured on the vehicle they are selling.

I will be me.

Dealer will be D

Me “insert greeting”

D “you guys have messed up so many times it’s ridiculous. I’ve asked you 3 times to spell the customer’s name right and you keep getting it wrong”

Me “I’m sorry to hear that. (Asks dpa questions” let me check the notes and I’ll find out what’s going on)

(There are clear comments to say we should only speak to the policy holder and that the dealer is just trying to push a sale through to get their end of month bonus and that we have spoken to the customer who confirmed her name is right)

Me “I’m sorry but it appears you aren’t authorised to deal with this policy. Please get the customer to call us to authorise you”

D ” well that’s stupid I only want to find out the customer’s name and what vehicle she is insured on”

Me” unfortunately I cannot give you that information without authority as we would be disclosing our customers personal information”

D “that is ridiculous. It’s not breaking spa if your only giving me her name and the car she’s insured on”

(Cue 5 minutes of back and forth of her trying to beg me to give her that info, of her insisting it’s not really breaking dpa and of me still saying no. We were just going round in circles”

Me” Look I have tried to explain this nicely but I must insist that you call us back as I won’t risk my job by disclosing my customers information”

D “put me on to your supervisor”

My supervisor confirmed what I had said but the dealer wasn’t having any of it. The dealer is now blocked from contacting us and has been reported to head office.

Tldr dealer begs me to disclose information they are not authorised to access. I say no. My supervisor blocks them from contacting us.

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