I’ve waited a week for this refund!

I just recently started at a company who outsources for a lot of different accounts. The one I work on sells scrubs and a lot of customers return items if they’re ill fitting. The other day I get a call from a customer regarding a refund on an order he returned.

Me: “thank you for calling Company, this is thelittlebear1993. With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?”

Customer: “hey this is frank. I was supposed to get a refund on a return and it hasn’t appeared in my account yet. My order number is 100444789. I’m pissed and if you can’t figure out where it is, I’m speaking to a supervisor!”

Me: “Okay frank, I’ll be happy to look into the status of your refund. Give me just one moment to look up your order number. Okay, it looks like your refund was put into your account two days ago, are you not seeing it in there?”

Frank: “Well it wasn’t in there yesterday so why are you lying about this?”

Me: “Sir, our system is showing a refund was issued on 6/20. Is there a way for you to check the account? See if it’s pending, perhaps?”

Frank: “I already checked. This is useless, but I guess I’ll do it if it means you’ll transfer me to a supervisor. Give me a minute.”

Me: “Take your time, sir.”

Frank: “…….uh never mind I guess they hid it from me when it went in. It’s just now showing….”

Me: “I’m glad you got that refund in your account! Is there anything else I can help you with today, frank?”

Frank: “no need to be smug!” phone disconnects

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