Don’t mess with the people that give you internet.

Hello, again! Tier 1 ISP tech support here with another thrilling tale. Today we will learn why the moral of the movie “Waiting…” applies not only to the people who make your food, but also the people who connect your internet: the field techs.

In this story, I will be “Me” and our wonderful caller will be “Mr.Grr”.

Me: Thank you for calling ISP, my name is Me, how may I assist you?

Mr.Grr: Yeah I need to talk to someone about getting my service reconnected.

Me: I’ll be happy to look into that for you, may I have the name on your account?

Disconnects go to Billing, since I can’t handle those, but I don’t think that’s what’s happening here. Biggest flag is that his account comes up as active. So now I have to ask questions.

Me: Sir, your account doesn’t appear to be disconnected in the system . Are you calling because you noticed your internet isn’t working or because of a billing issue?

Mr.Grr: No, there was a tech out here earlier and he disconnected me at the pole and left. I need y’all to reconnect me.

So now I’m checking the work orders on his account, and I see a cancelled order for a down drop (when a line has either drooped too low to the ground or has actually fallen on the ground, we send a tech to re-string the line and life goes on) along with another newer order that just says “Referred to Field Tech Sup / GM”. Oh dear.

I tell Mr.Grr I needed to check with one of my leads before sending another tech out there. I put him on hold and my lead tells me not to send another tech, because something must have happened. Instead I was to email the local office and refer the customer to them. Fair enough. As I come back to the line, I hear Mr.Grr speaking to someone that sounded like a police officer.

Officer: … well sir, if you threaten them or make them feel uncomfortable while they’re on your property, they are well within their rights to disconnect your service and leave the area.

Mr.Grr: Alright alright, you made your point, you’re siding with them. It’s still bullsh-

I attempt a few times to get Mr.Grr’s attention while he’s complaining to the officer, and he finally hears me.

Me: Mr.Grr? Thanks for waiting for me. Per my lead’s direction, I need to refer you to the local office to have this issue resolved. Can I get some contact info from you?

I take his information and forward it on, then end the call.


I found out later that the customer had been antagonizing the field tech while he was trying to fix the downed line. The customer began to threaten violence, so the tech reached out to his supervisor, who gave him permission to disconnect the customer and get out. Apparently Mr.Grr did not learn his lesson the last time, as he antagonized the next tech that came out too. The GM has since closed Mr.Grr’s account and flagged his SSN so that he cannot have service with us ever again. Which sucks for him, because I think we were the only ISP in that area.

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