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This will be a short one.


A few years back I worked as a L1 support for a phone company. Horrible job. This is one of the stories that stuck with me.


It was around noon when $C [customer] called. He had heard about our offer where he could call one other phone number for free. As such, he had bought that service.

The customer is required to log in to their account and input the number manually, after which it will be free to call that number, as long as you hang up before the 2 hour mark. Calling the same number, within seconds of hanging up, was allowed.

The issue $C had, was that he was getting billed for calling this number and he wanted to know why. I quickly recalled the 2 hour rule and went to check; all of his calls were less than 2 hours. Good boy. So I went to check the number he had provided for the service. Guess what, the last numeral was wrong. I told him this. He refuted having made a mistake and demanded a full refund. I told him I could see in the logs, down to the exact second, when he input the number and his IP at that time.

His reaction? Blaming me (personally) for changing the number after he had input it, because he knew he didn’t make a mistake. I told him that even if I sympathized with him, the amount he demanded refunded was way above what I was allowed to refund, so I couldn’t refund him even if I wanted to.

This unleashed another storm of slurs and personal critique; something along the lines of being a liar, corrupt, incompetent, etc.

Luckily, the company policy allowed us to hang up on customer if they verbally attack us, so I did.


TL;DR: Guy got billed for a mistake he made, then blames me for it.

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