"I pay my bill every month"

Just had this call. Customer calls in due to internet not working. Starts in on a tirade about how he pays his bill every month and how “you people” don’t fulfill their end of the contract. I pull up the account. First thing I see is a nonpay suspension. I can’t tell him this without verifying.

me:”Can you verify the date of birth on the account, Sir?”

CX: “Well whose is it!?”

me: I can’t share that information without verifying the account, but you can give me yours and we’ll see if that works

5 minute tirade about how he pays his bill and how I’m refusing to fix his internet

me: Sir, I’m not refusing to fix anything, but for what this issue is, I need to verify before I can share any information.

CX: it’s DOB.

me: Alright that’s it, So, from what I’m seeing, you’re currently suspended for not paying your bill.

CX: Why are you trying not to do your job, your company isn’t fulfilling your end of the contract!

me: No Sir, the issue is that you’re not because you didn’t pay your bill.

CX: well what can you do to FIX IT?!

me: I can get you to collections to pay your bill

CX: So you’re refusing to fix it?

me: I’m tech support. I don’t have access to take a payment.

CX: So what can you do then, if anything?!

me: I can get you over to collections?

CX: Do. It.

Then I transferred. But seriously….why are you so rude and angry at me, when YOU aren’t paying your bill. that’s on you. not us.

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