Its 1:00 AM and you have reached the wrong department

Had a customer call in tonight, my company has a 24 hour troubleshooting line, but for everything else you have to call during normal business hours. UCL is upset crazy lady, and I am, as always, me

ME: Thank you for calling isp/tv provider, my name is dog, can I have your name and telephone number.

UCL: What do you mean name and telephone number, dosent the computer pull it up when I call in.

ME: Yes, however I still need to ask for that information to verify your identity, along with a few other things to make sure you are authorized to access the information on this account.

UCL: Gives verification information

Me: how can I help today?

UCL: I want to cancel services because you Mother expliciters want to charge me a fee to have the technician come out

Me: Mam, we would only charge for a tech visit if they find the issue is not related to our system or services, can I have a little more information about what exactly is occuring?

UCL: No the last rep told me it was with my TV, and there would be a fee for a tech, but you guys are the tv provider, so I just want to cancel.

(Notes from last rep show tv just says no signal, box has power, cx just refused to troubleshoot and change inputs…so sending a tech on this guarantees a fee)

Me: Ok, well mam, this is a troubleshooting line, unfortunately because of the time, the department responsible for processing cancellations is currently closed, you are more than welcome to call back during normal business hours, or I can have a member of the cancellations team reach out to you in the morning.

UCL: Thats all you do, you take and take and take mone from your customers. Cancel my service right now, or I swear to god I will make sure to sue you out of business.

Me: I am sorry mam, as I have stated, and as per our pre recorded messages, this is the troubleshooting department, because it is outside of normal business hours, there is no one here who can cancel your service, the proration would still remain the same if you call back during normal business hours, or if I have a rep reach out to you. Unfortunately because you mentioned suing us, I know have to disconnect this call, as I am not qualified to speak regarding legal matters.

UCL: whatever *click*

I need to get off the phones, I hate working nights when we get a queue jumper who dosent understand that queues are their to ensure things are handled correctly

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