Insane Person 7

I work for a performing arts school and deal with insane people regularly.

A little background for this particular account – I had been in communication with the student as she claimed her mom didn’t speak English. Student was stressing out about balance and how her family couldn’t afford it. Since she’s a minor and I couldn’t communicate with her mom, I asked my manager if I can offer a partial scholarship (meaning she’ll receive a discount off her total balance) It was approved and she continued and completed the program.

A few months later, my coworker emails me that their account was overcharged, I had forgotten to adjust the scheduled automatic payments. I immediately called the student to ensure a refund will be issued…mom answered.

She will be F and I will be R.

R: Hello, I am looking for Student Name

F: This is her mom

R: Oh… I am calling regarding a refund

F: Yes, you overcharged my account

R: I apologize for the error, you will be receiving your refund for $this amount.

F:(starts getting attitude)Why only $this amount

R: That is the amount that was overcharged

F: But you also charged me on this date and this date, I want that refunded too

R: I’m sorry but those charges were for the balance owed

(She’s got a rude attitude at this point) F: But she finished on this date, why did you charge me for months after

R: Well you were given an extended payment plan and there was still a balance owed when she completed the program

F: Nobody told me this

(At this point, I’m getting irritated) R: I’m sorry, I went over all this information with Student Name as she told me you didn’t speak English.

F: No, I was sitting next to her when she called and no one told her this

(I lost my cool at this point) R: I’m sorry if you speak English why didn’t you call us about the payments

F: My English isn’t very good. I don’t understand why it matters if I speak English. I need you to refund all the payments I’m asking you to

R: I can understand you just fine. It matters because your daughter was given a scholarship due to her parents not speaking English. I can only issue a refund for the overcharged amount not the additional 2 payments as that balance was due

F: I don’t understand why I’ll only get that amount

(We went back and forth on the balance due and balance to refund for a while. She simply didn’t grasp why we couldn’t refund what she wanted, eventually I just snapped )

R: I don’t know how else I can explain this,we can refund $this amount only. would you like me to go ahead and submit this to be refunded ?

F: I don’t want to keep arguing, I guess I’ll have to accept that amount but I don’t think it’s right

R: Ok

(hung up)

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