“I GUESS that will do”

Dontcha love customers who create a problem that’s entirely their fault, and then act like they’re entitled?

[standard call center greeting here]

Cx: I set up a return for a laptop charger but I accidentally returned the wrong one

Me: Oh, no! Let’s see what’s going on.

I find the cord, see we accepted the return anyway and processed a refund. So she’s SOL on getting this back.

Me, assuming she had ordered two different ones and I could do a promo for the price difference: Ok, I see that we issued a refund for that. Was the cable you wanted to keep more expensive?

Cx: I didn’t order from [COMPANY], I bought it when I bought my laptop.

Me: Oh, ok. Do you remember how much that one was?

Cx: I don’t know, it came with the laptop.

Me: (So…you returned the cord that originally came with your laptop, that I assume was still working since you want it back) …ok. Well, this has been processed and refunded, so we wouldn’t be able to send it back to you.

Cx: So there isn’t anything you can do?

Me: [poor customer service survey senses tingling] …I can issue a $15 credit to your account, but no, we can’t send it back to you.

Cx: I GUESS that will do.

You are goddamn right it will do, cuz you fucked up.

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