I’m not going to argue about the math!

(Woman calls in to update her card on file and pay past due)

Me: Alright, so we do have that card updated. I will go ahead and process your payment today for $21.95

Lady: $21.95? When I started four years ago, it was $19.95!

I explain to her that there was an area-wide increase that happened two years ago and that she has been paying the $21.95 since then.

Lady: So you just jacked my bill up by THREE DOLLARS without telling me?

Me: We did send out notifications that the price would be increasing by $2.00 about 45 days before the increase went into effect.

Lady: What are you talking about two dollars? I was paying 19.95 and now I pay 21.95, thats over three dollars.

Me: Well…no it’s only two.

Lady: You work in billing, you should know math. That’s three dollars. Look, I am not going to argue about the math with you but you need a better calculator. (she hangs up)

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