"card" problem

I’ve worked in a ccc for about 4 years now. I recently became an account supervisor and one of the first calls I had was one for the books.

TM: me

CH: client


TM: Thank you for calling (insert bank name here). How can I help today?

CH: Yeah, I’m on vacation, and I didn’t feel like reporting my card for travel, and now y’all mfer’s have blocked my fu*king card. I can’t use it ANYWHERE. You need to unblock it now!

(I already want to hang up on this lady and not deal with her attitude)

TM: Well ma’am, I completely understand how this can be frustrating, lets take a look at the card and see what is going on. Can I get your card number please?

CH: I don’t have it with me. Look me up by my name!

TM: Unfortunately, that isn’t possible, I would either need your card number or account number.

CH: This is fu*king ridiculous! Not that many people can have the same name as me. I’m the only one in my city according to Facebook!

TM: I apologize ma’am, but I need a number to look up an account. We do not have the ability to look up by name because multiple clients can share the same name with the same spelling. I want to make sure I am looking at the correct account information and giving you the most accurate information. I can wait while you get you account information.

(Client makes an annoyed sound and goes to get her card number)

TM: Thank you for that. It does not appear that there is a block on your account, and when I pull up the card history, I do not see that it has been swiped at a merchant recently.

CH: I know that! They said they can’t take it! It won’t work!

TM: I will be more than happy to place the travel note on your account, but as of right now, there is nothing wrong with your card. Could the chip possibly be damaged?


TM: I can try resetting your card to see if that works. But it will take me about 5 minutes.

CH: I don’t have 5 minutes! This call is $5 a minute and I’ve already been on the phone for 20 minutes!

TM: What would you like for me to do then? There isn’t a block, so you can try using it and I can see if there is a real time error.

CH: Fine. Hold on while I go try and buy something!

(Hears client in the background trying to buy something from a store. Cashier tells her that her card wont work. She yells at the casher that she knows that it doesn’t work, she tried on the other side of the store. Cashier tells her it isn’t a card problem, they don’t accept American Express)

CH: Hangs up the line.

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