"I ordered from your company, but I wanted another company’s product, and you’re going to compensate me!"

So I just got off of the dumbest manager call EVER… This store called in a complaint on behalf of the end consumer. She wanted blinds from our competitor company, but knew damn well she ordered from us. When she got them, she realize (surprise!) they were our company’s product. DUH! Well, the customer wants her money back. She’s saying that we told her we could get that company’s items. Our representative lied to her. Sad news for her, when she went over the paperwork with the rep, she signed off on 4 different papers saying she was okay with all of it. The store is of course taking her side and requesting the refund. I had to get my supervisor involved, and the stores manager was in, and it ended up going all the way up to the account manager. I just got off the call, so I don’t know the results yet but will post them when I get them… They will probably give her money back, since “tHe CuStOmEr’s aLwAys RiGhT”.

I need a glass of wine.

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That time a third party TOTALLY knew more about our product than me, refused to listen, and was made to look like a fool in front of his customers

I’m not going to argue about the math!