The Hole Punch Lady

I work in a smaller call center where we mostly get simple troubleshooting calls.

I once had an elderly woman call in about her statement. This woman called in raving mad because we no longer hole punch the statements and she demanded I fix it.

She wouldn’t take “we do not offer this anymore” as an answer and wanted me to send her statements that I personally hole punch. (Not ever going to happen)

I tried to say, in the nicest and not smart-assy way possible, that she could buy a hole punch and do it herself. She scoffed and demanded I inform my manager how terrible of a company we were for doing this to our elderly folk.

She hung up on me with the thought that we were actually going to manually fish out a statement for her to hole punch ourselves. I guess she will be disappointed when she sees it’s not going to be. I bet she’s proud of herself too.

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"I pay my bill every month"

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