"Why did you only send me three when I ordered three?"

Customer: I am calling to complain about what you sent me. You have only sent me 3 of [item 1], 3 of [item 2] and 3 of [item 3].

Me: does the usual finding order and security checks. Um, that is exactly what you ordered. A quantity of three for [items 1-3].

Customer: I know that is what I ordered. Why did you only send me three of each?

Me: These items are not currently on sale or part of any promotions. Why would we send you more than what you paid for?

Customer: In case they break. What happens then as you only sent me three of each?

Me: Then you would need to buy more unless it is a manufacturers fault?

Customer: That causes delays and wastes time. Are you going to send out some additional [items] for me?

Me: Not unless you place another order for them.

Customer: When I got them from one of your competitors, they sent out additional [items] in case they broke.

Me: If that were the case, then that would be at their own discretion or because they had a special promotion on.

Customer: So you are saying that I am only getting three because that is what I paid for, and you won’t send anything extra?

Me: That is correct.

He will not be shopping with us again.

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