"Oh, I’m sorry, when you said "this year" I thought you meant "this year.""

I work in financial aid at a University. A lot of students are snotty this time of year. One of my coping methods of dealing with so many bitchy callers is taking any opportunity I have to be passive aggressive, and running with it. I’ll tell you about the call I had today.

Keep in mind, the Summer semester is part of the 17/18 aid year, and a lot of students get confused cos they’re not sure what aid year Summer falls under. They can also get confused because they think I mean the calendar year 2018, but I always emphasize aid year. Most students don’t have trouble with this. But either way, I’m always happy to clarify, no big deal.

I asked this girl what aid year she was referring to, as she had aid for both 17/18 and 18/19. I was pretty sure she was referring to 18/19, based on her question, but do always want to clarify. She replied to my question in a snotty, condescending voice, “Uh, this year?” Obviously, we’re currently in Summer, 17/18.

She had been a student for a couple years, so she shouldn’t have had any confusion about how aid years work, and wants to talk to me like an idiot. Well. I proceeded to answer her question exactly how she wanted it, for this aid year, repeatedly emphasizing that I’m talking about 17/18 Summer, and she goes:

“I don’t care about Summer, I said this year!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, we are currently in the Summer semester, so I thought you meant this year. Were you referring to aid for 18/19?”

I emphasized “this year” to make sure she made the connection.

“Yes, 18/19, for Fall 2018.”

“Gotcha. So since Fall 2018 aid does not disburse until August…” (therefore clearly not right now aid) and the rest of the call I felt so satisfied.

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