A supervisor supervises and and a manger, well…

This comes a special thing that my CC had, supervisors where the ones one the floor, supervising, had teams in charge of them, took escalated calls, were supposed to know the policies and procedures perfectly, you know the deal. And managers, they took care of internal processes, rarely ever had any training on the account policies and some hadn’t “touched a phone” in a decade or more.

This lead to one special thing, when a caller asked for a manager, by policy, we were not allowed to just transfer it to a sup because the person expected a manager and were required to tell them that managers did not take calls, which combined with the fact that we could never offer passing the call to a supervisor, whichled to fun times.

This happened on my early days before I knew better:

a lot that I don’t remember happens in the call which leads to this (I’ll use C as caller)

  • C: I need to speak to a manager
  • me: I’m sorry ma’am, but I’m unable to transfer you to a manager
  • c: why’s that?
  • me: ummmm managers don’t calls
  • c: then what the hell do they do?
  • me: (panicking by now and can be heard in my voice) they manage internal processes, but do not take calls
  • c: (cutting me off) I don’t care get me a manager or someone above you

Now, saying higher ups or someone above was the same as asking for a sup so I gladly transferred her…

A while after, this policy was changed and you could offer a sup instead, it’s wasn’t fun but it was better than falling into loops for not having managers that took calls.

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