Yeah but what if I BORROW $5000 and then put it into a savings account

I was double jacking with new staff when I took this call. I was glad someone was there to verify the wtfness of the call. Customer will be referred to only what I can assume he was : Stoner dude or ST


Me: Welcome to Community Credit Union, this is Holsar. How can I help you?

Stoner dude: Yeah, um hey, I’m good thank you. Yeah I was wondering if I could get a loan?

Me: Okay, great. Could you give me some more information on what type of loan you’re after, such as the amount and what it’s for?

ST: Nah okay so I was thinking like, cause I saw your savings accounts were pretty good, that maybe I could borrow like $5000 and just put it straight into a savings account. I sort of want to buy a house soon so I guess this is where I need to start.

Me: I’m sorry Stoner but the interest rate you pay to maintain the loan will always be higher than the interest rate we pay on savings accounts so you’ll be losing money. this was explained among other things, like the fact that we don’t give out money for no reason

ST: Nah there’s no way that could be legal. That’s just not fair. I was going to buy a house soon but there’s no way I’m using you guys anymore but that’s cool. I only need $5000 more until I have enough money anyway that’s why I was asking.

Me: Oh okay, it might be possible to earn interest on the rest of the money you have?

ST: Nah man, people steal from me enough. I don’t need that bank stealing from me too and I’ve got like $467k. Your loss. Hope the CEO is listening. Have a sweet day, I appreciate your advice.

What advice?

I wonder if the branch staff got face to face inquiries like this, or whether people are just game enough to call.

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