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I work in a assistance building for truckers for a truck yard these drivers are given a ticket to pick up a specific trailer in a specific spot. this one has to be one of my more dumbfounding calls. in this story im R and the caller shall be C *note that c had a very thick foreign accent

R: Thank you for calling how can I help you?

C: Im at spot 1234 and my container isn’t where it says on the ticket. what should I do?

R: I would suggest looking a couple of spots in front of or behind the box

C: But the trailer i’m looking for isn’t in its spot that’s on the ticket that shows where its supposed to be

R: Sir how did you find that spot that’s on your ticket?

C: I read the spot number that was on the ticket and went to the parking ticket

R: Exactly sir you should read the box numbers and letters to find your container.

C: Oh thank you sir

R: Your welcome enjoy the rest of your day THUD facedesk

TLDR: instructions unclear please read

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