Birthday’s on Thanksgiving!

Work at an insurance call center, get some people who just don’t know anything at all. Some are trash people, but then some are actually polite and nice. This one was luckily one of the nicer ones, so I didn’t want to rip my hair out after the ordeal.

Nice elderly man in his late 40’s. Just shopping around, looking for auto insurance that’s cheaper than USAA. (Hint, he’s never going to find it).

We’re going over driving info and wants to add his new wife.

Me = me; NOM = nice old man.

Me: Ok, and what is your wife’s date of birth?

NOM: Hmm, well… I’m not quite sure. We’re freshly married so we’re not all that familiar yet!

Like… you’re married but you don’t even know her birthday? Ok.

NOM: Oh! But I know it’s on Thanksgiving! It’s on Thanksgiving every year! What day is Thanksgiving?

Me: (not surprised he would say something like this with how the call was going so far) Well, Thanksgiving is on a different date each year, as it’s on the last Thursday of every year.

NOM: Last Thursday? Ok yeah what day is that?

At this point I’m just sitting there, head in my hands.

NOM: (some shuffling sounds) Ok last Thursday… the 23rd! Her birthday is November 23rd.

Me: (I give up at this point, as I know he’s not gonna buy) Ok, and the year?

NOM: Oh… Well now I don’t rightly know that… I know she just turn 34 this year.

We are in May. No where near November yet.

Me: Ok so about 1983?

NOM: Yeah yeah that sound right!

And the rest of the call goes on like this for 75% of his information. My head was about to explode when we were going over his coverages.

Nice guy, just is very clueless on things.

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