Why are you talking American?

I work in insurance and it’s pretty much habit to confirm every detail that’s provided to us, use the phonetic alphabet where necessary etc. To be particular with the difference it’s O for Oscar and zero for 0, this helps avoid confusion.

Client (C) was a little weird and condescending throughout the call but no biggy, I wasn’t going to bite, until…

Me: I’ll just confirm your phone number is zero four zero one blah blah

C: why are you talking American?

Me: I’m Australian but I’m pretty sure they speak English just like us.

C: Americans say zero, we say oh.

Me: (this whole call you’ve been at me over stupid mundane details that I’ve helped with, I’m done) O is a letter, zero is a number, just making sure we have the right details.

C: well it’s American

Me: pretty sure it’s been around a lot longer than the U.S. and Australia is based on many different cultures… But I’m not here to argue (😉😎) lets continue…

Personally I don’t give a toss what way it’s said, but if you’re going to be an ass hat the whole call being particular over the most mundane details than you’re going to cop it back.

I felt like saying “we’ll be sure to give you O (oh) dollars back when you need to claim.”

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