reflections on the lady that spent "seven whole hours" on the phone today

This lady called in screaming her head off about how she’d spent SEVEN WHOLE HOURS on the phone today. To be fair, she had a legit tech issue with the pre-owned phone she had recently purchased, it probably did need to be replaced, and she was within the return period, so I was trying my bag-of-apples darndest to stay friendly and polite, but a pattern started to emerge…

me: ok maam well lets see what we need to do to get you another ph- lady: did you read my notes!?!? This phones not holding a charge for more than 10 hours, and if it doesn’t get replaced I’ll lose customers and MY DAUGHTER MIGHT DIE!!! me: well that sounds really serious! Lets see how we can get you another phone right aw- Lady: I make $45 an hour!!! I missed 15 meetings today dealing with this, I think I’m entitled to a brand new phone for free!!! me: ok maam, I understand you’re frustrated with the situation, I would be too! I can certainly look into what we can do about the amount of time you’ve had to spend dealing with this, but it sounds like the first thing we really need to do is get you a working pho-

(a 10 minute rant having nothing to do with her getting that darn phone)

so, this pattern continued on for a full goddamned hour, of which 45 minutes was her ranting about totally unrelated bullshit, and it ended up with me repeating ad-nauseam “I can sell you another used phone, or I can sell you a new phone, you’ll get refunded when you send back your current phone, or tech support can just send you a replacement for free”, and apparently her $45/hr wheeler-dealer big shot job doesn’t pay enough to just do a damned upgrade, because she finally relented to having tech send her a free replacement at the end of this call that I’m pretty sure took a few years off the end of my life…

I suppose the real message of this story is: This is why Daddy gets drunk and yells at the television…

I’m a bag of apples

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