What’s the dumbest thing someone has complained about?

Well hi folks, today one of our new advisors was trying to hold back laughter as the customer complained their phone was faulty – because ads popped up in their apps while playing games.

After she sent them on their way we all sat about reminiscing some of the dumbest complaints we’d handled. I work in a telecoms provider, selling sims and handset contracts etc, we’re the escalates complaints team, one step down from the regulators team. By the time they reach us they’ve cost us more money than the value of several contracts, so we don’t care when they threaten to leave, it’ll save the company money in the long run.

While I’ve got some GEMS, the funniest according to the newer advisors was the customer who called to complain that they didn’t like the sound of their own recorded voice on his voicemail. And wanted compensation. Naturally.

What is the DUMBEST thing someone has thought they had the right to complain and be compensated for?

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I want the top, TOP guy!!!

Because it’s happened more times than I can count