Because it’s happened more times than I can count

Cx: I’d like to activate my prepaid flip phone

Me: Okay great! I’d be happy to assist you with that! We will need a couple things including the device we are activating as well as a debit, credit, or refill card for payment. Do you have those with you now?

Cx: Yes I do

Me: Awesome. Let’s start by getting your device ID for the phone so I can make sure it’s compatible. Do you have the box with you?

Cx: No, just the phone.

Me: Okay no worries. You can easily find what we need on the sticker beneath the battery in the phone. Can you remove the battery for me?

Cx: Okay hang on



Me: facepalm

And this is how I’ve learned you have to ask all the questions that you assume are common sense. “Before you remove the battery, are you calling from the device you are trying to activate?” saves a lot of facepalms across the country on both ends of the call.

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