Well no wonder we dropped you

This call was just a total clusterfuck from beginning to end… Sorry it’s so long. We’re short-staffed and trying to train on top of it, if my trainee doesn’t quit after this I’ll be shocked. Thankfully we’re only having the trainees listen right now.

Most of my callers are cordial, some are mean, but this woman was one of the most hateful people I’ve ever dealt with. She’s B for bitch 🙂 Also, this is a hotel calling about a mutual customer who stayed with them. We are a 3rd party in this situation.

Me: Hello, this is sh605, how can I help you today?

B: FINALLY. I need a supervisor.

Lovely. In hindsight, I wish I’d transferred, but I’m a sucker for punishment.

Me: I can certainly do that, ma’am, but they are not available at the moment so you’d have to leave a voicemail. I know you’ve been waiting a while, we’re pretty busy today, so if you’d like I can try to help you.

B: Fine. silence

Me: Hello?

The call dropped. I have no idea what happened, but my trainee vouched for me that I didn’t even touch the phone. It just ended. I was confused but there’s nothing I can really do but take the next call, which I do for a while. About an hour later, she got through again, of course she got me again because these phones were designed by satan.

B: I called a while ago and spoke to sh605, and she hung up on me!!

Me: No ma’am, we were disconnected. I’m not sure what happened.

B: Sure. LIKE I WAS SAYING, your company cancelled our account but there are still payments that we are owed from February. I sent it but someone up there clearly can’t read because it was refused.

Me: No need for insults, please tell me the name and I’ll find out what happened.

She gives me the name, I ask for a moment, mute her and look some things up while explaining what I’m doing to my trainee. Maybe a minute and a half, and I will concede that’s a while to wait in silence over the phone but she started slapping her desk or the wall or something and yelling HELLLOOOO!!!

Me: Yes, I’m here, sorry about that. I was looking at your account and it appears you didn’t provide the customer’s card number that we need to look them up in our system. We tried to look it up and bill without it but we don’t seem to have anyone under this name.


Me: Excuse me?


Me: It’s hard to understand when you shout, but I heard you say you wrote a number. I see a 6 digit number here, if this is what you mean, ours are a bit longer then that and don’t usually begin with these numbers.

B: Well that’s what he emailed to me last week. I told him it looked weird but he said you would take it… I should have figured he lied, your company is always lying to me.

Me: (rolling my eyes) Did it say (my company name) on it?

B: OF COURSE IT DID. I’m not an idiot. It also said (sister company).

Me: Oh! We do accept those, they do look a bit different then what ours look like. Their numbers are usually 12 digits, did you see that on the back?

B: He only sent me the front.

Me: Can you email him back and have him give it to you or tell him to call us if he’s worried it’s not secure?

B: Well he’s long gone by now, clearly that’s why I’m wasting my time with YOU.

Did I forget how emails work?

Me: I… I see. It couldn’t hurt to try though, I’m sure he’ll still get it.

B: What is wrong with you? Just give me the fucking number!!

Me: The foul language is unnecessary. I am trying to help but I can’t if you curse at me. The number is tied to banking information, and even if it wasn’t, (my company) didn’t issue the card, (sister company) did, I don’t have access to their records.

B: I don’t understand why this is all falling on ME when YOUR SYSTEM messed up. I entered it and your system kicked it out!

Me: Oh? If that’s true I should be able to find some record of it. Please hold.

Dig further, find the guy. They entered his name completely wrong, wrong invoice number, room number, literally all of the info they typed in did not match the receipt from their system. Well there’s your problem!

Me: Good news! I found him, and we actually paid for it already with payment number 0987654321, a few days after you billed it to us.

B: So why didn’t I find it when I searched for it in your system???

Me: Well, the name is spelled differently, and the invoice number is a little off, but-

B: Why??

Me: You guys are the ones who entered it, so I’m not sure. If you just try the dates-

B: It wasn’t there before. Why is it there now??

Me: Something you used to search must not have matched.


Me: I couldn’t say. I can’t see what you typed, but it is there and you can verify it if-


Me: I don’t know because I can’t see your screen or what you’ve typed. All I can do is explain how I found it. On X date we paid $XXX for him-

B: What?? That’s not what he agreed to pay!!! He told me he had permission to pay $XXXX from your company!

Me: Did he say who gave him permission? I’m not seeing any notes on this. Besides that, we will only pay the rate you agreed to in your contract that you had at the time. IF we agreed to that, we would send a credit card authorized for the higher amount, and you wouldn’t have used his company card.

B: Well then why would he even say that?? He lied!!

Y’all. I have HAD IT with this woman.

Me: I doubt he just walked in the door and offered to pay twice the normal rate. Sounds to me like you didn’t want to accommodate him because you wanted more money, in breach of your contract with us at the time, and he said what he thought would make you happy so he could stay.

B: ….

Me: He shouldn’t have lied, but you were violating your terms and conditions. You could have requested a block on those dates beforehand and if he really had permission he could have called us and we would have arranged it. None of that happened so you were paid your contracted amount.

B: Well SOMEONE has to pay for his room!!

Me: The keyword there being HIS. Not OURS. HE stayed with you, WE did not. Also, he did pay. We charged him and then paid you. If there was some other agreement between you and this guest, that’s between your property and him. Feel free to contact him and ask him about that but you will not be paid any more for this stay by our company.

B: If he doesn’t respond to my email in 48 hours, you’ll be hearing from me again!!! hangs up

Sigh. I don’t doubt it.

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