Trolling The Trolls

My main, 40 hour a week job is at a medical call center. We’re a giant medical university with a hospital, a lot of outpatient clinics (of all kinds, you name it) on the hospital’s main campus and about six satellite locations in the state. We have so many patients that no clinic actually answers their own phone calls – they’re way too busy seeing patients and they just can’t.

Enter the call center and me, at my desk taking the calls.

From time to time we get a patient that INSISTS they won’t speak to the call center, it’s none of our business, and they MUST SPEAK TO SOMEONE DIRECTLY IN THEIR DOCTOR’S OFFICE!!!111oneeleventy

However, tough titty. By policy, we have to put a message in and have someone from their office call them back when they can, in between patients or at the end of their day (unless it’s a medical emergency, we have a triage list).

Anywho, I answer this dick’s call and ask him how I can help. He refuses to speak to me and tells me he’s going to use the number he “always calls” and get through to them. I tell him that’s not possible, but I’d be more glad to help him with whatever he needs….and he insists he’s talked directly to the office before and he will again.

Okay, I’ll just go fuck myself; I only work here, what do I know?

Since he’s totally wrong, I waited until his number popped up in the queue again and then ninja-requested the call. I answered in my most cheery tone of voice and emphasized my name so there’d be no question he was getting me again.

He hung up and called again. I request-yanked his call and answered again, same cherry voice full of sparkle and sugar.

We did this routine (call, hang up; call, hang up) SIX MORE TIMES before he finally gave up.

Made me laugh and laugh.

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