When A Scammer Demands You Authorise the Customer’s Payment

So let me tell you about this call. It will probably be the highlight of my career. This happened a few days ago or so. She will be Mrs. Smith and I will be ME and Fwill be Fucker and SA will be Super Agent. Everything has been changed of course.

ME: Hi Mrs. Smith, my name is Peace. My colleague has told me that you have made some payments but they have not gone through and you would like to get them updated. Is that correct?

Mrs. Smith: Well, it’s not that. It’s just that I recently got scammed and I think that’s why they’ve been stopped.

I could tell that she was just sick of it all and just wanted her payments to go through. And if a customer is in this type of situ where they’re speaking to us after being scammed, we are to be all empathetic etc, which I understand. I somehow tried to be extremely empathetic and helpful. Even if the last call was quite difficult.

ME: Ah, I do apologise. Let’s just do some verification. (Verification ensues).

So I’m just going to read out some payments. Please let me know if you recognise them.

So I go through the transactions for the past couple of days, and customer recognised. They all went through to the retailers with no issue. Then I came to the final one. This one was stopped by us.

ME: …And this final payment to ABC made today on your card ending in 1234 for £500. Do you recognise that?

Mrs. Smith: Yes. I recently got scammed and hacked so the the technicians from MicroComputer is on the computer fixing it. I had to ring them. ABC are MicroComputer.

At this point I sit up and think; wait, what? I know this scam. You readers probably know of it too.

ME: Sorry, did you ring them or did they ring you?

Mrs. Smith: I rang them. I went on to Google and found their number.

Her (I assume) second line began to ring and that’s when alarm bells started to ring. I immediately knew that it was probably MicroComputer ringing her to find out why the payment hadn’t gone through. She wasn’t answering them. Yet.

I decided to stall the fuckers. I was not going to let her be done over twice. She just had a similar thing happen. Went into full throttle.

ME: Ah okay Mrs. Smith. Do you know what number their number is? Just so I can fill it in to authenticate the payment.

That was to stall everything to allow me to read into the company. Whilst she went through her call log, that gave me enough time to find their website which gave me their “registered address”, their toll-free number and of course their name. Took a note of it all.

Mrs. Smith: Yeah it’s 0101-555-987.

ME: Sorry to inform you Mrs. Smith but those people do not work for MicroComputer. MicroComputer will never ask for remote access to your computer. Please turn off your computer and disconnect at the plug socket. Sorry to repeat but they are not from MicroComputer. Not only do I stake my job on it, I stake my life on it.

Now here is where things take an interesting turn. Somehow the customer managed to do a conference call between herself, myself, and this technician from MicroComputer.

F: Hello, why are you stopping Mrs. Smith’s payment?

Eh? Had no idea who this person was.

ME: Sorry, I’m unable to discuss anything. Who is this?

F: My name is Fucker from MicroComputer. We are trying to fix her computer. Why are you stopping the payment we’re due?

Nope. You ain’t due shit.

ME: Sorry I am unable to discuss anything with you. Mrs. Smith?

Mrs. Smith/F: ….abjscvfk….forget iabdjhkj….click.

So as there wasn’t a customer on the line and I knew Mrs. Smith’s account/card was going to be compromised I block every product she had with us. She would not be able to use our online website, her card, account etc. I understand there might be some of you who think that may have been overboard, but this customer had already been scammed previously. I just think that the previous agent(s) have not told her that emails and calls from big corporations/companies are in fact duds.

As I could tell she was at her wits end, I just felt compelled to ensure that not only process be followed but that the customer’s money and account was protected. I left a massive and detailed note explaining everything that happened and what the next agent MUST do. I was just in edit mode of the note to eliminate any ambiguity, when I received an email from an agent (SA) in the dept that is way more tech savvy than I hope to be. It came in less than a minute after I posted the note. Email convo went something like:

SA: Hey Peace. Are you in System X? Please exit so I can work the customer’s payments. Thanks for the note.

ME: Oh hey, SA. Yeah you should be able to access it. Please read the note again as it explains a tad more. She is not speaking to MicroComputer. Thanks.

And that was that. I took a note of the customer’s details so I can read the journey of the investigation. Whilst we don’t do follow-ups I really want to know the outcome of this and what happened. Any updates will be posted if/when they’re available.

I really hope she didn’t hand over her money, because I can super block everything, but if the customer says they want the payment to go through we have to let the customer spend their money.

I still feel like I forgot to do something on the call. Will probably be pulled for it when I return but hopefully it’s nothing.

TL;DR: Customer conferences me and a scammer who then tries to get me to allow the payments to go through. Told him nah, and blocked the customer’s accounts and left a note so when she calls through again, my colleagues know what conversation to have with the customer.

I’m not too tech savvy to call them and syskey them, but if any of you guys and girls are and want to waste these people’s damn time, PM me. I’ll be more than happy to share.

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