The Critical Incident Ticket… For One Customer.

I posted this on r/talesfromtechsupport and r/maliciouscompliance and I figured it could fit here as well!

I read a story on here that reminded me of something that I forgot to share with you. I work as a mentor rep for tech support.

Essentially, we have our own steps of escalations when we have an outage or lots of offices/centers go down. One of these steps is to send off a Critical Incident Ticket (CIT) which goes to just about everyone up to the VP to advise that there’s a massive outage. This time was different.

One day, we had one customer with no service. We were getting a new office going and this customer was going to be the first one on this office. Now, that office went down because it was new and not yet activated. I advise my Manager (M) about this.

Me: Hey, M.

M: Hi u/devdevo1919. What’s up?

Me: So, we have an office down but–

M: Create a CIT!

Me: But, it’s one customer and the office has not been activated.

M: It’s still an office down! Create a CIT!

Me: But, M. It’s only ONE customer on this office.

M: The process is to create a CIT. Please create one.

I return to my desk and create the ticket and send it off. I feel ridiculous because I know a lot of people way above me are going to be emailing me and asking why I created a CIT for an office that wasn’t even activated yet.

Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, I have about a dozen emails from at least a half dozen different managers asking:

Why is this for one customer?

What is this for?

Why is only one customer affected?

And so on. Each of these emails had my boss CC’ed to it so I get hauled into his office to explain myself. I was honest and then M got hauled in. My boss wanted me to forward each email asking why to M so he could reply and explain why a ticket designated for massive outages was made for ONE person.

Needless to say, M was scheduled for training on when and how to use the CIT tool and I had a few extra cups of coffee. Each manager that originally replied apologized to me and since then I have not been asked to create a CIT again unless it’s a legitimate outage.

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