I don’t have any of my personal account information but I’m a member so I’ll be in your system…

I worked in a “community based” financial institution for several years and have some ripper stories banked up for sharing. A lot of them are from entitled, long-term “original” customers who think they’re the sole reason the FI has made it this far. This customer will be known as VIP. Sorry for length

Me: welcome to community credit union, this is holsar, how can I help you?

VIP: hi holsar, I just need to know my next loan payment and I’m struggling to log in to internet banking.

Me: no worries VIP, I’ll first help you with your internet banking and then we can take a look at your loan. I just need your member number to begin with so that I can find your accounts.

VIP: I’ve been a member for over 25 years, I usually go into my branch and i don’t know my member number off by heart.

Me: okay great, no worries. It’s written on the front of your Visa card, otherwise if you have a statement handy it’s on there too. It’s also the same number you use for internet banking.

VIP: I don’t really have time for this right now, could you just tell me my loan payment??

Me: sure VIP but regardless I still need some info to find your accounts. What was your full name?

*difficult and long name – asked her to spell slowly

Me: I’m sorry but I’m not able to locate a membership with that name. Are you sure you don’t have any paperwork handy?

VIP: okay well when my loan payment is late I’ll be sure to tell them who I spoke to on the phone.

Me: I am certainly committed to resolving your issues and requests immediately, however I cannot do so without your information.

VIP: Can’t you just look up all your loans and then look for mine?!?!?!?

Me: unfortunately our system doesn’t work that way VIP. I was genuinely confused and frustrated that I couldn’t find the member as usually they can be found with some mix of information.

Me: Can you try opening the Community Credit Union App on your phone as your details might be saved in the login screen..

VIP: why would I have the community credit union app? Do you mean the Pay Day Shark Loan app?

Me: uhhh, no ma’am you’ve called Community Cre-

VIP: wow, what a WASTE of my time. Could you please transfer me through to them ASAP!

Me: They are a completely separate enterprise VIP, unfortu-


Ok, if I called the wrong number I’d be apologetic and embarrassed but maybe that’s just me…

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