Sob Stories

Okay so the title sounds a little harsh, but anyone else get sick of hearing sob stories? I don’t even wanna say this is a sob story. I think I just need to vent-

I just had a customer a few minutes ago upset because we charge to have a phone jack installed, told me he’ll just pull the money out of his “you know what” and then continued to get extremely detailed about his open heart surgery.

I gave him some options; installments on his bill. Friend or family member; neighborhood handyman can install one. I’m not a magic fairy here— as much as I wish I could Mr. Sir, I can’t give you a credit for the jack, sorry.

Continues to go on and on about what he was “told” by my company, then he talks about his kids, his life etc.

Finally towards the end of the call the customer starts talking about races and ethnicities and certain races owning businesses and having nice cars. Politely told the gentleman (as I was boiling inside) that this is “not a conversation for the phone company”

He didn’t like that. Lol he told me that I clearly didn’t want to help him.

I’m the bad guy, because I won’t waive your $90 charge- but you deserve it, you’re a loyal customer who won’t do business with Asian people or Jewish people?

I’m sorry but wth is wrong with people.

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