“I work in technology and I KNOW it can be done”

First time posting a story here. This guy today just made me so heated I had to write about it.

I work for a luxury car brand that offers connectivity services for a subscription, so we handle billing and technical support. Been here almost a year and a half and recently got promoted to another department (thank god!) so I’m only here a few more weeks. My tolerance level is so low at this point and I’m just over it.

Anyways caller is rude guy or RG and I’ll be me.

He was warm transferred to me from general customer service so I had all his info already. He wanted to buy a subscription and then put in like a hold while his account was getting approved for goodwill time. Essentially he wanted to buy a subscription and then get a refund if he’s awarded credits. The plans are non refundable and we can’t do this for his type of car.

Me: Thank you for calling company this i-(he cut me off and kept doing it)

RG: Hello?!

Me: Hi this is Chrissibreeee how ca-

RG: Hello, yes hi Chrissibreee I need to ask you some questions.

Me: yes sir I have your account all pulled up already and-

RG: yeah I was wondering how I can buy services and then put it on a hold if they give me the extra time I’m supposed to get?

Me: well sir unfortunately we won’t be able to do that there’s not a way we can suspend or hold the subscription.

RG: You can. You’re just saying you won’t.

Me: unfortunately no sir there isn’t a wa-

RG: Hello??

Me: Yes sir still here.

RG: Ugh there’s such a delay you must be in India or something. That’s really great.

((We’re in the US, buddy and our phones are awesome it’s gotta be yours. ))

Me: We actually are-

RG: Stop talking over me. Are you going to tell me why I can’t suspend my subscription or not.?

((Now I’m heated))

Me: Its in our terms and conditions when you purchase a plan that it’s non refundable. There’s also no possible way we can suspend it after it’s been purchased. There is no option to do that.

RG: I work in technology and I know it can be done. Sirius can do it I don’t believe you when you say you can’t.

Me: sir I understand how frus-

RG: Nope I’m just going believe that YOU are refusing to do this for me so have a great freaking day! Bye!

Me: thanks you too byeee! Click.


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