Creepy sock guy

I used to work as a chat customer service rep for that one show company with the checkmark logo. As a chat company without the requirement to sign in before talking to someone, we got a LOT of prank chats. (Especially when Kanye released that jumped over jump man bullshit. Everyone thought they were SO original)

One dude, though, took the cake in my opinion. Enter Creepy Sock Guy, or CSG for the purposes of this story.

Now CSG started the chats off normally, asking about products, talking about the activities he liked to do, asking what products would be good for him and then things took a for the wierd. The biggest reason we all knew him was because he chatted in, literally, every single goddamn day at all different hours.

We could tell something was up because people kept getting disconnected on immediately if they had a guy’s name at first. After a few months, he either stopped being picky or learned something about himself. We were all in the same room so we could tell others to look out for X customer.

Anyhoodles! After the normal seeming foreplay he would start asking how the socks feel. “Do they hug your feet?” “Do you run a lot in them?” “Do they get too sweaty?”

Never anything explicit, but DEFINITELY KINKY. Over time we collectivey found the one phrase that would make him disconnect immediately “Oh! I don’t wear socks.”

And that worked… For a while. Then he started to get creative since everyone working at the checkmark company suddenly stopped wearing socks. He changed tack and ask about shoes you don’t need to wear socks with. Same questions, same kink, different subject matter. We worked around that by eventually resorting to “Exclusively wearing flip flops because of a medical condition so our feet are nasty please leave.”

This was a few years ago, so I’m not sure if he still does it, but wherever you are, CSG… I hope you found a different outlet for your fetish and know that if you weren’t harrassing people while they just tried to work, then you would be valid. As it stands fuck you, and the socks you walked in on… Wait shit no I take that back don’t fuck the socks you kinky sunuvabich.

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