Put your supervisor on the line now!

So at my call center we do have supervisors. They work from 8:00AM to 10:30PM. I work the overnight shift which is specifically not those hours.

I get a call from this old lady, my office answers the phones for a endless number of businesses. We vet as much as we can but occasionally a slick one will get past us before we catch on. We’ve been dealing with this particular business for at least a couple of months and that means they’re good.

Or at least running a successful scam but that’s not my job to decode. I just answer the phone, read the script take a message, but with great customer service.

Anyways I get a call a hour past midnight for this one company that says they are a health insurance brokerage that sells insurance, so, probably you feed them your information, they set you up with a plan, and then they probably step back from then on, I don’t know personally, I just pick up for the after hours line.

So this lady calls in, she’s mad because we’ve charged her 80 dollars twice, then 40 dollars twice and then its 40 dollars twice the first time, and then 80 dollars the second time. between the 2 10 minute calls I had with this lady because she called twice, I put together that she was charged 39.99, twice for a total of 79.98 and she is mad as hell about this.

I calmly explain to her, through interruptions in her tirade, a number of things:

  1. This is the after hours line, for security purposes, I don’t have access to your information.

  2. I am not a licensed insurance agent, and I cannot tell you what kinds of plans we have available, because I don’t have access to that information, but I assure you that it falls under the umbrella of “Health Insurance”

  3. Even though I personally cannot find out why you got charged those amounts, I would be happy to pass this over to our customer service desk, and they would gladly return your call during business hours to answer those questions for you.

Well that’s not good enough she needs. to talk. to my supervisor. NOW!

“Yes, ma’am I unders-“

I need. to talk to. your supervisor. NOW!

“Yes ma’am I unders-“

we repeat this loop I shit you not 10 times before the lady gets frustrated and hangs up.

If she let me finish, I was going to tell her that I understood, but I regret to inform her that we don’t staff supervisors at this hour.

She wouldn’t have believed me anyway, she didn’t even think it was me taking her call the second time she called in, where she proceeded to complain about me, to me, without realizing that guy, was also me.

During the overnight hours we get a lot of crazy people who call in. And I feel confident that the business itself was not a scam, they had a office address and business hours, the whole 9 yards. This lady was just looking for a fight and was likely high on pain killers,

Because despite being a licensed insurance agent for local state she obviously had no idea what was going on, and, I feel that a licensed insurance agent with local state would have had better sense to call in to a office at 1 in the morning and complain about a charge that appeared on her card literally over a month ago.

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