A happy ending

(english is my second language – just a warning)

So… I worked at a call centre in the Middle East for a leading logistics company. We would normally receive a lot of customers buying from an expensive clothing boutique in the UK (delivered through us). And sometimes these customers would return these items back to UK if they find it unsatisfactory etc. One fine day of 55 degrees centigrade, i received a call from a young lady wanting to return her very expensive shoes.

Me: me, customer: RC.

Me: Good afternoon ASD, I’m Me, how may I help you today?

RC: Hi, i want to return my item to UK. But i dont know how to do that.

Me: Ok, i can help u with that. Do u still have all the papers delivered to you with the shoes?

Rc: No. I threw it away…

Me: OK. It’s fine, Miss. U will need to go to the company ‘s website and fill in the return page.

Rc: i dont know how to do that.

So… Outside of my job scope, i helped her navigate the website…which had nothing to do with my company. Because i was feeling nice.

The next day she called again, and asked for me specifically. Great. And said she received an email from UK and they sent a few attachments. But she didnt know what they are for. facepalms. So i asked her to email me the attachments. I called her back (again because im nice) and explained to her that she has to print these attachments and give them to the courier when he comes to pick up the item….

A few hours later, i had the courier angrily shouting at me on thr phone because the lady didnt print the papers.

Me, : Hi Miss RC, the courier told me that you didnt print…

RC : Yeahh… I dont have a printer. ……

Me: (fuck me) ……umm…i…. Hmmm… Do u have neighbours who can help with print these papers?

Rc: no… I don’t have neighbours.

Me: i think i actually did a head-desk….. maybe u can ask your driver to print these at a shop somewhere?

RC: no i will not….and my driver is outside, not at home. I want this to be collected now.

Here is where myself, the courier, and the customer arguing with each other because the courier did have to go somewhere and he cannot make a manual waybill. In the end, we would arrange another pick up the next day.

And again it was cancelled becasue she still didnt print those damn papers. It was a bloodbath because in these 4 days, she probably called me 5 times a day… Asking specifically for me.

In thr end, she did have the papers printers. When she called me for pickup, she told me, she and her brother bought a damn printer (finally) and made all out lives easier.

Surprisingly i was not angry. Rather more amused and was pretty happy that i could help her. She was happy as well because i was oh so very patient and really did try to help her the best i could. Raving review from her to my supervisor!

TL:DR. holy shit, it’s too long.

Who knew a freaking printer could cause lotsa problem.. When rich people dont know how to do stuff.

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