“Your new app messed up all my internet banking.”

Customer called complaining that she couldn’t log into her internet banking as she had been locked out.

Me: standard greeting

Customer: I’m sick and tired of all the updates you keep doing to your apps. Why can’t you just pick something and stick to it.

Me: I know it can be challenging to learn new apps ma’am however it’s important to us that we are staying up to date with features and security to suit all our clients blah blah something

Cust: are you saying that the old app wasn’t safe? Oh my god I think it’s time to change banks I can’t believe the old app exposed me to security risks!

Me: what I mean is that security is always our top pri-

Customer: Well I bought a new phone the other day and I was FORCED to download the latest version of the app which I’ve been avoiding because it’s always terrible and now I’m locked out of my account

Me (trying to understand): okay no worries ma’am, we will get you back online. What exactly happened to lock you out?

Cust: like I said I was forced to download the new app and put in my details and the keyboard on my new phone is a bit different so it wouldn’t let me log on and then I tried going on to a computer and i could get in there. I’m so frustrated. I knew the new app would be stupid and not work and now it’s completely messed up my internet banking

Me: okay ma’am, did you have trouble putting in your password with your new keyboard and maybe make an error?

Cust: I’ve used the same password for 5 years and never had any trouble.

Me: well let’s go ahead and reset your password. Your temporary password is word1234

Cust: that’s the trouble I had the other night. I don’t know how to put in numbers so I was just leaving them off….

Yeah, that’s not how passwords work.

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